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The Power of Intention in the Treatment Room

You’ve just walked into your skin care practice, 20 minutes prior to your first client’s arrival.  Setting up your station, making steam towels, preparing client forms, and tidying your table to look as perfectly clean & professional as the services you perform.  During this time you may often find yourself rushing to complete tasks in effort to ensure that the day will run smooth & sanitary.  Sometimes we miss a very important step in readying ourselves for the day: grounding our energy and setting an intention for the day.


Grounding yourself could be as simple as closing your eyes for a moment while you take a few slow, diaphragmatic breaths to clear your mind.  Or, you may want to do some simple stretches while to take care of you body while you set an intention for the day to come. 


Food for Thought:

I once read about a study where an apple was halved, and each half was placed in its own jar.  One was marked “love” and one was marked “hate”. Every day, anger and profanities were expressed into the “hate” jar, and nurturing kindness into the “love” jar.  After two weeks, the apple half that had been verbally abused showed visible signs of bruising, rot and mold.  The other half that had been loved showed minimal, natural signs of normal fruit degradation.


Now, although I come from my beloved, crunchy, Aveda background, I also look at things from a scientific standpoint.  I can’t help but observe that when one is screaming & shouting, an excessive amount of saliva may project along with those mean words onto the apple.  HOWEVER: the theory is interesting and is still just as valid in my opinion.  


This theory can also be applied to the energy of your hands, touching active ingredients that will be penetrated into your clients skin. If our thoughts manifest into reality, then wouldn’t it be important for us to be mindful of our thoughts & intentions when handling product?  Vitamins C, E. and Ferulic are incredible for hydrating, plumping and brightening the skin.  Why not add a conscious boost of healing, loving energy? Take a moment with your product in your hands to envision love radiating through every molecule. And, if your client is open to doing so, encourage them to say positive affirmations at home during their skincare regimen.


When performing collagen induction therapy, you are working magic on the cellular level: stimulating fibroblasts, growth factors and glycosaminoglycans. We would truly be doing a disservice to our clients if we are not actively infusing a little bit of love in every controlled, collagen stimulating, micro-injury that we create

Wether you are working in a relaxing resort spa, a solo practice or a medical facility, the energy that you hold and the thoughts on your mind profoundly affect your treatment.  Good thoughts and energy radiate from your hands onto your clients. 


Do you ever notice the warm fuzzies you feel when your client looks in the mirror and is elated with what they see, smiling from ear to ear? Is that not just the best?!  Their day has been made, which can definitely lead to your WEEK being made!  So, what happened there? An energy exchange, which will continue in a domino effect to each of your other clients.  Maybe, your last client comes in and has had an awful day.  Because you are radiating a nurturing warmth-they end up leaving with a smile on their face as well. Surely, there is something magical happening!


I would bet that most of you reading this post could confidently say that you deeply care about every one of your clients and put love into every service that you provide.  But, we all have bad days. Sometimes our coffee spills inside our car on our way to work when we’ve only had 2 hours of sleep and we walk in just feeling over the day before it begins.  This is normal.  We are human!  (Despite our superhuman abilities to work pure skin magic!)


We always have the power to take control of our thoughts in protection of our peace for the day. This is why it is so important to take extra time in the morning to take care of yourself, making sure that your energy is in line with what you wish to share with your clients. 


When our daily life revolves around serving others, it is absolutely crucial that we serve ourselves first.  Take the time to stretch your body, enjoy sipping your coffee slowly in the morning, get a massage, GET A FACIAL and do whatever you need to do to “refill your cup” because you simply cannot serve from and empty vessel.

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    Thank yo Jenna <3 I love this, good read!!!

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