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The Importance of Discovering the Esty Work-Life Balance

As we move forward in our careers, aiming to be known as one of the best in our industry, building a business and brand from the ground up, or getting to that next rung on the ladder of success, it’s easy to let the concept of work-life balance to take a back seat.

And while it is necessary to have some seasons of heavier “hustle” and others of rest, lacking to even out the scales on a consistent basis is a sure-fire way to not only burnout but also thwart the efforts of your hard work.

I’m sure you can reflect on a time where you were utterly exhausted and wanted to be anywhere but in the treatment room. Let’s get honest…

Do you genuinely feel like you provided the top-notch service you know you’re capable of during that treatment? Did you have an energy of being present or being on autopilot?

My guess is the answer is “no,” because I know what that exhaustion and imbalance can feel like. If you’re finding yourself in that state more often than not, it’s time to make conscious and intentional strides toward finding balance.

Yes, it may seem elusive, like a measure that’s impossible to maintain, but if we don’t attempt to find balance or invite more of it into our daily routines, we’re only hurting ourselves, and eventually, the quality of our work, in the process.

Here are a few ways you can fill up your cup so you can better serve clients as well as relieve some of the pressure that comes with wearing every hat and juggling every ball in business:

Get First-Hand Experience with a Treatment for Yourself

When’s the last time you booked yourself a treatment? If it’s been longer than a month, it’s time to get yourself on the books!

Not only will you get the chance to relax, recharge and spend time doing something you know will be good for your spirit and skin, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience why our self-care is so crucial, especially as it translates to your level of client service.

For example, when you’re receiving your treatment, take note of the lighting, temperature, and how specific products and the massage feels. It’s those small details that make for an overall stellar experience for your clients, but when you’re burning the candle at both ends, it’s easy to let those elements slide as you merely go through the motions.

Taking some time to put yourself in the position of the client can help you reframe your perspective and become more mindful of those small, but significant details that set you apart as your client’s go-to guru.

Lighten Up Your Plate and Delegate Tasks

As a self-proclaimed control freak, it was challenging for me to let go and trust in other people to do tasks at the level or quality I would do them.

However, when I took a step back, it was clear that even my work wasn’t reflecting the standard of quality or beauty that I wanted to convey because I was too overloaded with other tasks.

So, rather than remain unsatisfied with my ability to keep up or maintain the level quality I deemed appropriate, I knew I could delegate to someone who didn’t have as much on their plate, could use work experience, and could be trained to complete a task according to my standards.

For example, as you become fully booked, you’ll find the time to fulfill small, but important tasks, such as client thank-you notes, harder to come by. Those notes are critical to the overall client experience you provide, but can certainly be done by someone other than you.

So, instead of you doing them, I suggest scouting out and enlisting help from an apprentice from a local esthetic school. Of course, they can help with other tasks as well, plus the training and resume reference you give to the LE in training will be invaluable when they look to land a job post-graduation.

Who knows, you may even want to hire them on!

Discover The Balance Trifecta: Systems, Boundaries, and Priorities

Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t believe work-life balance exists. If that describes you, that’s okay, but I think we can all agree that there are times we feel more leveled out or at peace with our ability to juggle the pushing and pulling that come from our opposing work and life responsibilities.

And it’s during those times that we are, possibly unknowingly, relying on the use of what I call, The Balance Trifecta, to help keep all our plates spinning.

So, if you’re someone who never feels an iota of balance, take note because these balancing factors are what will help set you free: systems, boundaries, and priorities.

Systems are defined, repeatable, and ideally, automated processes that keep your business or life flowing smoothly.

For example, you may have an onboarding or an intake process for new clients. Rather than repeating the same time-consuming tasks for every new client, outline the entire workflow required to get someone from booking their initial appointment to coming in for their service and see if there are any steps you can automate in the process.

Some steps you could automate include using your online booking platform to get the appointment scheduled, appointment confirmation emails, reminder emails, email with intake/consult form. With all those steps automated, you don’t do any work until it’s time to prep for their service.

Boundaries and priorities speak more to our mindset, but they can also have tangible action steps in how they play out in your quest for work-life balance.

For example, maybe you find yourself working on business tasks ’til late into the evening causing you stress that interrupts sleep, not to mention your time at home with family.

A boundary you could set in place is that you have 45 minutes after your final appointment of the day to wrap up work-related tasks. If it doesn’t get done in that window, it means it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

This boundary-setting action also demonstrates setting priorities. By setting a boundary around your work and home life, you’re prioritizing your family time over straying business tasks.

Or, let’s say you put a priority on every single client receiving a handwritten thank you note after every service. If that’s a priority for you, but the process can be systemized with the help of admin/apprentice support, opt for the support to help keep your priority of showing your clients gratitude, but not suck up more of your time that leaches into a boundary you’ve set.

And there you have it: The Balance Trifecta.

Now, all of this to say, I understand shifting the time you spend in and on your business, hiring help, and stepping back can feel like a scary leap of faith.

However, until you take the steps needed to create a more balanced life and business, it’s inevitable that you will run into symptoms of burnout, which is much tougher to recover from than the momentary fear of taking an hour of your day to get a treatment for yourself or handing over a task to someone else.

You may never achieve 100% balance, and if you do, it may be fleeting, but by taking the steps above, you’ll be much closer to the midline and able to swing the pendulum with better agility and without plummeting your business’ growth in the process.

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  • Jessica Slorah on

    I’m excited to actually receive a facial while at The Skin Games. I haven’t had one from someone else since school 10.5 years ago! My goal is more self love starting after the skin games. Hopefully monthly massages will be a part of that.

  • Jessica Slorah on

    So glad I stopped in tonight and took a few minutes to read this article. I have been going nonstop since October. It’s been great. But I am ready for The Skin Games to be over.

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