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The Consumer's Guide to Purchasing Skincare Products

In today’s fast-paced, convenient-seeking world, it’s no surprise that platforms like Amazon have quickly become the way to shop your most beloved items. While scrolling, you will likely see many brand names and packaging you recognize, sometimes at a lower price than a local storefront, but there are several serious risks associated with purchasing from unauthorized sellers. 

Oftentimes, the online seller does not have permission from the manufacturer or authorized distributors to be a third-party seller. There can be fraudulent sellers on Amazon who may engage in unethical or illegal activities, such as selling fake reviews, stealing personal and payment information, or engaging in phishing scams.

There are several benefits to purchasing products from a professional retailer, rather than shopping for unauthorized products on Amazon. 

  1. Quality Assurance: Professional retailers typically sell high-quality products that have been sourced directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributors. This means that you can be sure you are getting a genuine product that meets the manufacturer's standards. On the other hand, unauthorized products sold on Amazon may be counterfeit, damaged, or expired which can be a health hazard, leading to poor performance.
  2. Warranty and Support: Professional retailers often offer warranties or guarantees on their products, and they typically provide support and assistance to customers who have questions or issues with their purchases. In contrast, unauthorized sellers on Amazon may not provide any support or warranty, leaving you stranded if something goes wrong with your purchase.
  3. Trustworthiness: Professional retailers have a reputation to maintain and are more likely to be trustworthy than unauthorized sellers on Amazon. You can typically trust that professional retailers will handle your personal and payment information securely, whereas unauthorized sellers may be more likely to engage in fraudulent or unethical behavior such as selling fake reviews, stealing personal and payment information, or engaging in phishing scams.
  4. Selection: Professional retailers often have a wider selection of products than unauthorized sellers on Amazon, particularly for specialized or niche products. They may also offer more options for customization or personalization.
  5. Education: With the amount of skincare and wellness products available, choosing the right products for your skincare needs can quickly become overwhelming, and if not choosing the right products can lead to unwanted skin reactions, unimpressive results and ultimately money wasted. Schedule a skincare consultation/skin analysis with a local, knowledgeable Esthetician you can trust so they can guide you in the right direction and offer recommendations when purchasing skincare products. 
  6. Community Support: Shopping local businesses can bring numerous benefits to both the local economy and the community as a whole.
  7. Personalization: Local businesses often offer specialty services that are tailored to the needs of the community. They're more likely to know their customers by name and offer a higher level of customer service than larger, corporate retailers.
Overall, while shopping for unauthorized products on Amazon may be tempting due to lower prices or greater convenience, purchasing from a professional retailer offers greater peace of mind, quality assurance, and support. It's always recommended to purchase from authorized retailers or directly from the manufacturer to ensure you're getting a genuine product that meets the manufacturer's standards while supporting your local Esthetic practices and community.

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