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Get to know the Founder of Herbal Skin Solutions; Kaelin Jutras LE

I am a skin geek and I could not get enough information on how to help my own skin concerns and it is why I chose this profession, I just love it.  My passion in this industry has been rooted using a more holistic approach.  I wanted to utilize a procedure that was safe for any skin type but still have that wow factor and Micro-needling was the answer.  Micro needling may not be a new procedure but by far it has been the single most effective treatment that I can provide to all of my clients’. I had an idea for the perfect application tool as I worked with all of the other popular devices. I decided to turn my passion into a mission and I created Herbal Skin Solutions. I designed the CIT Pen for the practicing Aesthetician. I got rid of that annoying cord while adding options for higher speeds, dual batteries, and easy custom depth to allow for a variety of cosmetic or medical treatments. The CIT Pen features sterile cartridges, protective sleeves, and the nickel free device prevents cross-contamination and is safe for clients’ with sensitivities and allergies. Once I had the design and the prototype I knew I wanted to elevate the success level for Aestheticians by offering more than just a standard set of directions. I am proud to say we offer the most comprehensive and on-going training program in the industry at no additional cost. We want you to be successful while giving your clients’ real results without the downtime.  


We offer hands-on training through our sister platform,The Esthetics Academy. We also can help you take your business to the next level as we can provide you with a free marketing package to target new and existing clients’. With our device, training and marketing we can help you grow your services package while providing your clients with the “platinum” standard. Your success is our success. My own life motto is; “If you love what you are doing for a living it is never a job.”

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